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We have progressed to an “ISO 9001-2015” Company established on 11th November, 2010 as "Nerve Biosciences Private Limited" and renamed on 19th August, 2013 as "Nephurocare Pharma Private Limited" with a principle quintessence to nurture happiness for life. Hence, our presence is in Renal, Urology, Chronic and Critical Care range of products.



There are 100 students in a class. Some students are noticed, while some are not. At least 79 of them are clearly noticed by their respective functions. Five girls are entrusted with the task of performing important duties as monitors without which the class can't continue. The first thinks in the most complex manner. The second pumps powerfully supported by her twin who performs a peripheral role. The third, in the form of twin sisters, breathes liveliness into the class. The fourth plays such a pivotal role that without her, the class can't function at all. The fifth plays a role of possessing many functions.

If this class is our body with at least 79 noticeable organs plus tissue groups, the five monitors stand as vital organs for our survival, viz. the brain, heart, lungs, liver and kidneys.

We, at Nephurocare, endeavour to connect "Neph" with "Uro" (Nephrology with Urology) with an aim to provide the best "Care" (Close Attention) to patients. Hence, we are fully committed to provide the best medicines at affordable prices besides laying emphasis on conduction of patient education programs.

We morally deliver our medicinal products with the right efficacy at the right juncture by always striving to fulfill the expectations of our diligent doctors and precious patients with "Qualitative Safety" as our utmost priority.

We have nurtured a dream to help patients enhance their life-spans who suffer from kidney diseases, urinary tract disease, cardiac disorders, diabetes or patients requiring intensive care, by providing them the perfect medicines.

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We deal with 1000+ clinicians to bring smile on the faces of 30000+ patients with high quality and global standard 31 products.